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Jeremy Wagner is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He was born in 1978. Wagner earned a BFA in printmaking from Rhode Island School of Design and subsequently attended Hunter College's graduate program, where he received an MFA in painting. Wagner's work combines his training in both concentrations, facilitating a unique approach to painting. Often working directly on steel surface and using non-traditional mediums, he embodies his appreciation for architecture and nature with a keen eye for detail.


I make paintings of objects or places that I’m attracted to visually and sentimentally. In order to convey my connection with my subjects I highlight elements in my compositions through a limited pallet and stylization. Frequently I work on steel substrate and incorporate both the steel surface as well as controlled rusting to create an effect reminiscent of sepia photography. I use this process to create a nostalgic aura in my work and I feel it relates to the materiality of my subjects, man-made objects or places. I have a personal connection with my subjects, however it is my intent for them to be iconic and accessible to my audience as well. Stylization and use of extreme detail, or the lack of it, are also instruments I employ to stimulate discourse within individual works or between works in a series. Accentuating the hard lines taking place in man-made structure, or the organic curvature in nature, I emphasize the spatial poetics within the negative and positive spaces of the objects and their surroundings. In doing so, I wish to make a commentary on the relationship between the modern and the natural world, which is of particular interests to me as an artist working in the urban landscape of New York City.





Jeremy Wagner 

b.1978 , Boston, MA 

Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York 


2008 MFA: Painting, Hunter College, New York 

2001 BFA: Printmaking, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island 




Brooklyn Oenology Tasting Room / Gallery, Brooklyn, New York


“Structural Lucidity” Sara Nightingale Gallery, Watermill, New York 


“Jeremy Wagner at DV” Dolce Vita, New York 


“Hotel Everybody”, Sara Nightingale Gallery, Watermill, New York 




"Select art Fair" Sara Nightingale Gallery, New York

"Reinventing the Helm" Sara Nightingale Gallery, Watermill, New York


"Contemporaries" Ernest Newman Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY

“Material Matters” JHouse, Greenwich, Connecticut

“Reflections: Art and Beauty” Sherle Wagner, New York


'Urban Landscape'  Blank Space Gallery New York


A Gallery Contemporary, Martha's Vineyard Massachusetts 


"Serenity Now" Milavec Hakimi Gallery, New York, NY 

"Full Circle" Sara Nightingale Gallery, Watermill, New York 

"Wow Factor" Sara Nightingale Gallery, Watermill New York 

“Kin” Sloan Fine Art, New York, NY 

“MISC.” Art Finance Partners Gallery, New York, NY 

“Pulse Art Fair” New York, Galerie Zidoun 


“Twos Company” Parlour, Brooklyn, New York 

Group Show at DD172, Damon Dash Gallery, New York, NY 

“Persistence of Painting” Sloan Fine Art, New York, NY 



“Jeremy Wagner and Graham Gillmore” Damon Dash Gallery, New York, NY 

“Friend or Foe”, Collective Hardware Gallery, New York, NY 

“Momentary Fantasy”, Scaramouche Gallery, New York, NY 

“Closer to God” The Affordable Art Fair, New York, NY 



“MFA Thesis Exhibition” Hunter College/Times Square Gallery, New York, NY 

“Friends” Cheryl Pelavin Gallery, New York, NY 

Galerie Zidoun, Paris, France 

Galerie Zidoun, Luxembourg 

“Lille Art Fair” Galerie Zidoun Paris, France 

“Untitled” Artizen Gallery, Dallas Texas 


“High and Dry, Smoke and Fog”, Phantom Galleries, Los Angeles 

“Scope Art Fair” New York City, Sara Nightingale Gallery 

“Scope Art Fair”, The Hamptons New York, Sara Nightingale Gallery 


“RISD Biennial NYC”, Curated by Robert Storr, Exit Art, New York, NY 

“Multiples Exhibition” Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery Brooklyn, New York 


“Up and Coming”, 450 Broadway Gallery, New York, NY 


“Small Editions”, Brooklyn Front Gallery Brooklyn, New York